Captivated by computer science since teenage, I fell in love with the sense of achievement I got from mastering the machine and what it offers. I’m especially interested in its aesthetic capabilities : I mean 3D/2D graphics rendering and sound processing. On my leisure time I often find myself playing with 3D modeller like Blender and programming using C++ OpenGL if not making music with Fruity Loops.

On a more professional note I started working in the I.T industry as an Analyst Developer Apprentice back in 2006 and later on, as I.T Project Manager. I then graduated and moved to Paris to be part of a start-up adventure in 2010 when I was the founder developer and co-author of a successful product. After 4 years I decided to literally broaden my horizon by moving on to the other side of the world, working on different projects and travelling.

I consider myself an Analyst- Full-Stack developer, having a strong knowledge of IT Projects’ lifecycle, computer science in general, and a deep understanding of different concepts and technology stacks from binary, assembly, C/C++ and up to other scripting language. I am familiar with each step, each layer of a software, from operating systems, low-level programming, data modelling. From object oriented programming, design patterns, frameworks, 3rd party APIs, business logic to user interface and user experience.

My technical expertise is mostly around low-level programming languages like C, C++ and Objective-C with those more high-level like PHP along with HTML/CSS, Javascript ES5/ES6/Typescript, NodeJS, for the Web technologies.

My Mantra :

-Be User oriented ( Design specification carefully )

-Be aware, be curious (learn and listen)

-Be creative (imagine the possibilities)

-Be passionate (love what you do)

-Be humble (know you will never know everything)

-Be tolerant (difference is valuable, there is always something to learn from others)

-Be autonomous (be your best mate, help yourself)

Experience :