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Written by  on September 26, 2014 

Melbourne CBD

I am thinking of the 13 year old me, holding back a tear as I was leaving England and finishing my first trip abroad. It was at that time I promised I would give myself the opportunity to live abroad. Certainly because I figured I was at ease with speaking english but moreover because I knew I was made for living abroad, out of my confort zone, getting to know people from world wide. Even a 2 hours trip was all it takes to go from Paris to London, I always thought french and british mentalities were so different, and that there were so many things for me to learn from foreign countries. It took me 4 years after graduating to carry this project of mine but that is it! Here I am in Aussie!

Why Australia? Would you surely ask? Well, why not? I would tell you maybe because I have already met heaps of cool Australians, or maybe because I have always been attracted to that wild and modern island that Aussie is, or even because so many people I know fell in love it with after visiting. I can tell by myself now I have spent 2 weeks in this beautiful country, how friendly are the inhabitants and how both dynamic and enjoyable Life is here!

Gippsland Wilsons Promontory National Park - Garry Moore, 2012

Australia is simply a magnificient and disorientating land. First the architecture which is so different from all I have ever seen, with its specific colonial style, made me feel like being in a futuristic western-spaghetti movie. The weather is stunningly unique compared to north hemisphere’s, the sun hits hard, I got tanned in a day. At the same time, every sort of climate could be found in here.

Fitzroy NorthLiving in Melbourne feels a bit like Europe though I have been told every summer gets bloody hot. Whereas if you are in Brisbane you would feel like in a tropical paradise. The first days of spring would easily compare to a perfect day in France, I cannot yet imagine how hot it would get during summer time. The wild life here is also very rich, it is always amazing to hear all those different cute little Aussie birds singing every morning. Their sounds and looks are completely new to me and I really feel like I landed on another planet!

To sum it up : I Love Australia !

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