Aussie me voilà!

Written by  on September 26, 2014

Melbourne CBD

I am thinking of the 13 year old me, holding back a tear as I was leaving England and finishing my first trip abroad. It was at that time I promised I would give myself the opportunity to live abroad. Certainly because I figured I was at ease with speaking english but moreover because I knew I was made for living abroad, out of my confort zone, getting to know people from world wide. Even a 2 hours trip was all it takes to go from Paris to London, I always thought french and british mentalities were so different, and that there were so many things for me to learn from foreign countries. It took me 4 years after graduating to carry this project of mine but that is it! Here I am in Aussie!

Why Australia? Would you surely ask? Well, why not? I would tell you maybe because I have already met heaps of cool Australians, or maybe because I have always been attracted to that wild and modern island that Aussie is, or even because so many people I know fell in love it with after visiting. I can tell by myself now I have spent 2 weeks in this beautiful country, how friendly are the inhabitants and how both dynamic and enjoyable Life is here!

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