Playing with the ThreeJS and Cannon.JS

Written by  on September 3, 2018

The Wheel of Fate

Just wanted to play with ThreeJS and CannonJS. It was a bit painful at first to get the cylinder container in cannon. There was not such thing so I made it using planes. The sync from cannon to three was a bit tricky since they have some different axis. I realise that ThreeJS is quite complete.

Have a gander at the code on Github

OOP in JavaScript ES5 & ES6

Written by  on September 26, 2015

I’ll have one advice, to learn JS : just forget what you know about programming.

That especially includes the this keyword, OOP, Classes, Objects, Methods …. If you can clear such notions from your mind, you will be ready to understand what JS is :

var person = {"name" : "Bobby"}
var greet = function (end) {
 console.log("Hello " + + end);
}, "!");
//Prints : Hello Bobby!

person uses the built-in type Object : that is a associative array, an association of unique keys with they respective values. In the example, person has a property (key) called ‘name’ that references the value “Bobby”.

greet uses the built-in type Function : a bit of code that can be invoked. You can notice than the function has a property call that let us apply a value to the this keyword and other expected arguments. We’re setting the value of this inside greet and we’re calling it. Without using the value of would have been undefined.

That’s what’s important to understand first : in JS a Function is a callable Object we can bind data to.

If one can grasp this concept he will save some time and headache learning JS by trying to apply notions like OOP. It has never been designed in such ways.

OOP is still possible IN ES5. Nevertheless hackey since we need to emulate/redesign it and it might be limited compared to what is possible in other OOP languages.

JS ECMAScript 5 ‘s OOP

In ES5,  one way is to use Functions to define classes and we define their prototypes to emulate inheritance.

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JavaScript and WebGL getting funky!

Written by  on September 25, 2015

Everything is Fashion from NinjaDev

NinjaDev released their reel, Everything is Fashion, for the Solskogen 2015. The synchro between music and video is simply on point! I find it groovy fantastic (maybe because of the retro-disco music).

This has been made possible thanks to the Three.JS project. A WebGL framework including all basic features you would expect from a 3D engine. Numerous projects are already using it. For example a 3D modeller running in a web browser. How fantastic! The web might take over native apps one day!

Check the Three.JS projects! Enjoy JavaScript and WebGL getting funky!

Is progressive enhancement dead?

Written by  on September 22, 2015

When I discovered the magic of JavaScript and DOM manipulation at school in 2006, I instantly thought of using it to make stunning and dynamic user experiences in a web browser and getting rid of the odd white flash when browsing a website page to page.
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