Playing with the ThreeJS and Cannon.JS

Written by  on September 3, 2018

The Wheel of Fate

Just wanted to play with ThreeJS and CannonJS. It was a bit painful at first to get the cylinder container in cannon. There was not such thing so I made it using planes. The sync from cannon to three was a bit tricky since they have some different axis. I realise that ThreeJS is quite complete.

Have a gander at the code on Github

Dream the impossible, you might get it !

Written by  on August 24, 2016

First off, turn the volume up and check this out

Make Me Pulse

Breathtaking, isn’t it ! This is an example of what’s possible in our browsers nowadays. We ‘ve reached a point in time when the web is catching up on native apps’ abilities. It actually took 26 years to finally get there ! How did it happen?

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JavaScript and WebGL getting funky!

Written by  on September 25, 2015

Everything is Fashion from NinjaDev

NinjaDev released their reel, Everything is Fashion, for the Solskogen 2015. The synchro between music and video is simply on point! I find it groovy fantastic (maybe because of the retro-disco music).

This has been made possible thanks to the Three.JS project. A WebGL framework including all basic features you would expect from a 3D engine. Numerous projects are already using it. For example Clara.io a 3D modeller running in a web browser. How fantastic! The web might take over native apps one day!

Check the Three.JS projects! Enjoy JavaScript and WebGL getting funky!